* $130.00   - 1 hour Reading
                  * $180.00 - 1 and half hour                               Reading  

                  * $260.00 - 2 hour Reading



                  * $150.00 - Clearing and House                         Blessing

                  * $500.00 - Forensic Psychic Artist
​                  Professional Spirit Illustration -       
HALF Down / BALANCE on Completion

​* No additional fees for Skype or phone readings

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Readings - Channeling Sessions

​Mari Weldon - Psychic Medium

phone: 972-334-0277


Forensic Psychic Artist

Mari will draw, with request, for additional price, who visits you in Spirit. The drawing is completed after the session is done, and will be mailed to the reader, within seven days.

​This is a fine pencil or colored pencil drawing. Approximately 12X14 in size, on archival paper. Mari has been a fine artist for forty years, having received a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in 1986. One of her abilities is capturing images in her minds eye and replicating that on paper, making the reading experience much more enriched.

Mari has been a Spiritual Intuitive and Medium since birth...

Sessions are typically one hour and can be done in person or we can connect via Skype, phone or facebook. Recorded sessions are available. VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Paypal accepted.

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