1) Call out to my grandmother  2) and here she comes  3) she stays as long as we need her close

Two new, beautiful violet spirits hanging out with me

Many, many spirits waiting to be channeled

Albert Schweitzer

"Until we extend the circle of our compassion to all living things, we ourselves cannot find peace."

Asked spirit that walks in the light to take human form ...

... and this is their response.

What it looks like in the cameras eye to be a Medium.

Each orb is a spirit wanting a voice.

​Mari Weldon - Psychic Medium

Chuck Murphy, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, mentor and friend.

"Any good psychic medium can only be 80% spot-on at any given time"
John Edwards - Psychic Medium

Mari  has been a Spiritual Intuitive and Medium since birth.
​She knows these gifts were passed down from her beloved grandmother, Betty Jewel Mari (MawMaw). 

As both a Psychic and a Physical Medium she is able to bring your loved ones and friends through in a way which validates they are present. The Spirits work through her to relay information such as how they passed and who they are sharing their time with on the other side. Through Mari, you will recognize your loved one's personality shining through; from expression, body language, word choice, and laughter to remind you they have not changed. They just live in another place.

When the spirit is ready to communicate, Mari says “I feel a tremendous surge of energy/electricity blasting through my soul and body. I see, feel and hear the energy in my own frame of reference. It's not like looking at a person with your eyes, I see the spirit in my mind's eye - like dreaming while awake. This is not a religious thing, it's energy based". 

Mari is a professional artist who often sketches what she sees as she does your reading. She also can connect with the spirits of pets who have passed on. She admits these are some of the most touching and healing readings ​she has ever done. 

"There is no greater goal, to me, than reconnecting a person with their loved one's soul or their beloved pet's soul who has crossed over. The healing that takes place is beyond words".

One of her favorite quotes is "When you are present, grounded, calm 
and open, you can hear what your heart is telling you. You can feel the presence of your loved ones. And you're ready to receive their messages."